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At Milam Truck Sales, we are always in the market to buy quality used trucks to add to our inventory. Please use the handy form below to submit your truck for our buyers to review.
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Tell us about as many of the features on your truck as possible. Take a look at any of our trucks listed here on the site to see an example of the details on features that we are looking for.


One photo is required, you may upload as many as ten photos. Please include photos of all four sides, both sides of the engine, interior and of the mileage / hour meters. Please set your camera to take photos at 2MB size or less.


Maximum photo size is 2MB with a combined maximum of up to 20MB if 10 photos are uploaded.


By checking the box below, you agree that the information that you have given on this specific truck is true to the best of your knowledge and that any false or misleading information provided to Milam Truck Sales can be used in a court of law.

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